1: Meet Simone Biles, A true legend, Defying gravity, With each routine.

2: Born to soar, Flipping with grace, Simone amazes, In every embrace.

3: Fourteen World medals, Records shattered, Biles' dominance, Leaves us breathless.

4: Olympic champion, Unmatched skill, Simone's power, Hard work revealed.

5: Unstoppable force, Dynamic and bold, Biles defies limits, Achieving gold.

6: Courage in setbacks, Biles perseveres, Inspiring many, Through doubts and fears.

7: A strong role model, With grace and poise, Simone's legacy, No one denies.

8: Unmatched triumphs, Gymnastics reinvented, Simone Biles, Her name cemented.

9: The greatest ever, Her story unfolds, Simone Biles, Our hearts she holds.