1: Hosting a Sourdough Pancake Party 1. Welcome friends to a Sourdough Pancake Party! 2. Learn how to host the perfect pancake gathering. 3. Delicious sourdough recipes and fun await!

2: Step 1 - Gathering Supplies 1. Prepare a list of ingredients and equipment. 2. Check your pantry and shopping list. 3. Be ready for a delightful pancake adventure!

3: Step 2 - Starter Preparation 1. Activate your sourdough starter in advance. 2. Allow proper fermentation at room temperature. 3. Get your starter ready for fluffy pancakes.

4: Step 3 - Mix the Batter 1. Combine sourdough starter and additional ingredients. 2. Whisk until a smooth, lump-free batter forms. 3. Perfect consistency for mouthwatering pancakes!

5: Step 4 - Toppings and Fillings 1. Offer a variety of sweet and savory toppings. 2. Fresh fruits, maple syrup, and whipped cream delight. 3. Let guests customize their perfect pancake.

6: Step 5 - Cooking Techniques 1. Use a hot griddle or non-stick skillet. 2. Pour batter, flip at bubbles, and cook until golden. 3. Master fluffy pancakes with perfect flip skills.

7: Step 6 - Serve and Enjoy 1. Stack pancakes on warm plates. 2. Gather everyone around for a memorable feast. 3. Savor each bite and cherish this joyful experience.

8: Hosting Tips 1. Prep ingredients and utensils ahead of time. 2. Create a cozy ambiance with decorations. 3. Encourage guests to share pancake-making experiences.

9: Conclusion 1. Hosting a sourdough pancake party is a delightful affair. 2. Follow these 6 simple steps and enjoy the journey. 3. Make memories and bond over scrumptious pancakes.