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Mothering Tea

Just Breathe Mug

Just Breathe Mug

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Introducing the Just Breathe Mug, the perfect companion for those quiet moments of reflection and relaxation.

Crafted with care, this mug features a simple yet elegant design that will complement any decor. Made from high-quality ceramic, it is sturdy and durable, making it suitable for everyday use.

The Just Breathe Mug is adorned with a calming and inspirational message that reminds you to take a moment for yourself and breathe. The minimalist design creates a serene atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a warm cup of tea.

You already know, I believe tea is more than just a beverage - it's a ritual that allows us to slow down and appreciate the present moment. That's why we've created the Just Breathe Mug, to help you create a peaceful oasis in the midst of your busy day.

Grab yours while supplies last. 

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