Signature YOU Retreat

Renew. Empower. Energize.
Hey giiiirrrlll, heeeeeyyyy!!! And welcome to The Signature YOU retreat, 2021!!
Imagine attending an overnight retreat where prioritizing self and owning your time is the goal.  
One where we...
Toast to our dreams with other like-minded women who are also seeking commitment to self, develop a structure to honor your deepest desires while fulfilling other responsibilities, and do it with less stress and more grace. 
Dark skinned black woman peacefully thinking in a garden with the words...Own your time/prioritize self
Join Talesha of Mothering Tea and Kristina of Resiliency Bloom November 6-7, 2021 as they facilitate a women's retreat that speaks to the busy woman's needs.
Girl, tell me more...
This all inclusive retreat includes
  • 3 course chef prepared meal (on site)
  • 4 signature workshops like "Champagne Dreams" and "Master Your Minutes"
  • Accommodations at a highly sought after rental home in downtown Atlanta
  • Luxury Spa Experience
  • and soooo much more...

Valued at $500!

But guess what???

We know you love a good discount. So, register early (by September 30th, 2021) at the reduced price of $230! ⬇ Click here to register!

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Starting October 1st, the price will increase to $250. 

Now, don't want to miss this opportunity to get your life before 2022. So, don't delay. There are only 10 spots!!




Still not sure??

Well sis, we get it!

Before you go, let's just say this... after the year we all just had and the one we are currently experiencing, we all need safe opportunities to connect around some of the challenges and wins we have faced. During this global pandemic, we have been extended beyond our "norm" and need time to renew, empower, and energize as we roll into 2022 as our best signature selves. You deserve this time to reset, connect, and simply enjoy.
frequently asked questions

Who can attend the retreat? Any woman ages 21 and over can attend the Signature YOU retreat. 

What is the purpose of the retreat? To renew, empower and energize you to boldly walk into 2022 as your most authentic self. 

When will the retreat be held? November 6-7, 2021

Where will the retreat be held? The Signature You Retreat will be held in an AirBnB in downtown Atlanta. The exact location will be share with you once a purchase has been secured?

How will this help me right now? With a small intimate setting, you will be able to connect with women in the same space as you. Through storytelling and reflective practices you will learn tangible ways to say "YES" to yourself more often while maintaining your daily responsibilities. 

What happens if I want to attend the retreat, but I cannot stay the night?  No worries. Enjoy the retreat and leave whenever you are ready. We will miss you though.

 Don't see your question? No worries. We will happily answer any questions you have. You can email us at


Now that your questions have been answered, go ahead and join us. We would love to walk into 2022 renewed, empowered, and energized with you!

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