Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a Mothering Tea gift?

Mothering around the world are overwhelmed and many times do not know or tell others about the level of stress they are under. By purchasing a Mothering Tea gift for yourself or a mom you know, you would be helping her began to understand that she deserves at least 30 minutes to be alone to breathe, sip tea, gaze out of the window, sit on the porch, or whatever she desires. All moms deserve a few moments to breathe and just be.


What is included in a Mothering Tea gift?

A specialized mug, 2 blends of premium loose leaf tea (makes approximately 14 cups of tea), a steeper, a 45 minute virtual tea time to connect with other mothers, and a special reminder to carve out time to love on self each day.


When does the Mothering Tea gift ship?

Each gift box ships the 3rd Monday of the month.


Who pays for shipping?

Shipping costs $5 and is paid by the customer.


How are the tea blends selected?

Each quarter, the Mothering Tea team samples a variety of teas and selects teas that help moms enjoy a moment of alone time.


When can I purchase a box?

You can purchase a box anytime. The boxes are sold on a first come first served basis. So do not delay. They sell out quickly.


Does Mothering Tea ship outside the US?

Not at this time. Be sure to join the email list so you can be notified when we start shipping to other countries.


How much is a Mothering Tea gift?

Each gift costs $35.


How do I report an issue with a gift I purchased?

Please contact us immediately or within 7 calendar days of trackable delivery of the gift to let us know the concern. We will be happy to assist.


What is Mothering Tea?

I sat on my bathroom floor covered in my own tears not knowing why. After a deep dive into my inner thoughts, actions, and prohibitions, I realized I was overwhelmed with all the demands of mothering and sustaining my home. I felt so alone because moms, especially black moms are pillars of strength and needing support or a break has not been openly encouraged or even available. I started Mothering Tea to help other moms feel seen, validated, and supported. Sending a thoughtful gift does just that while providing a gentle reminder to breathe and be.

Does Mothering Tea offer therapy or counseling services?

We do not offer therapy. If you are in need of a therapist, we recommend you check out Therapy for Black Girls, Black Girls Can Heal, or Black Female Therapists. You can also do a Google search to locate other lists of therapists in your area.


Can I return my Mothering Tea gift?

We do not accept any returns, nor do we offer refunds or exchanges.


My box was damaged during shipping. What should I do?

We are so sorry to hear that. Please email us at within 7 calendar days of delivery. We will be happy to fix the issue. Moms deserve a great experience and we want to deliver just that!


Can I get a credit for the next month’s gift?

We do not issue credits, refunds, or do exchanges.


How do I order more than 1 box?

Go through the sign up process for the 1st box. This creates a user account in our system. From the user dashboard, you can click the “Add another gift” button and input the mom’s information. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like. All the moms in your life deserve this special reminder.


Can I purchase the tea without the entire giftbox?

At this time, we only sell the Mothering Tea gifts boxes. Be sure to sign up for our emails so you will be notified when we start selling tea without the box.