Our Story

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 Mothering Tea is a wellness focused tea company based outside of Atlanta, Georgia and aims to help moms reconnect with themselves by prioritizing self love practices steeped in premium loose leaf teas. 


Thank you so much for visiting with us. I created Mothering Tea after realizing I had completely lost sight of myself. I was so focused on providing for my kids and family that there was no time for me. 

After spending a morning on my bathroom floor in a heap of my own tears, I decided I needed to do more for me. I reinvested in my love of herbal tea, which expanded into "real" tea (black, white, green, oolong, etc.   

Steeping tea, journaling, moving my body, and breathing deeply became my daily routine. This routine lead me to finding joy and I want to help other moms recreate this in their kitchens too. 


Mothering Tea strives to embody...

Mothering Tea Self Love Mothering Tea Sisterhood Mothering Tea Joy

Self-acceptance and gratitude are at the core of loving oneself. We help spark that journey.

We use the similarities we share to strengthen bonds as we all uplift and validate moms everywhere. Happiness is delivered with every box. We strive to help moms connect with themselves and find inner joy. 


Mothering Tea is no ordinary tea company. We use premium loose leaf teas and infuse everything we do with gratitude for every mom who has ever...

    • felt lost and alone within her own body
    • felt shame and guilt related to motherhood
    • felt as if she had to sacrifice her own happiness and joy for others. 

We see you. We love you. We are here for you. There is joy within motherhood. 

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