New Podcasts:  5 Podcasts Every Mother Should Listen To

New Podcasts: 5 Podcasts Every Mother Should Listen To

Podcasting is all the buzz right now. With 1.7 million podcast shows available and 43 million episodes, there is a podcast for everyone. From wellness to self-help to parenting advice and food review, there are just so many topics being covered. Some podcasts are like full thrillers while others are packed with know-how. As a matter of fact, most people listen to podcasts to learn something new as indicated by Podcast Insights.   

I was first introduced to the world of podcasts through, Serial, an NPR produced podcast. Season 1 was so good. It was like listening to a book and not wanting to stop until the entire season was over. Once season 1 ended, I sporadically listened to some other podcasts here and there until the summer of 2020.

I was bored out of my mind, lost in my daily routine, and on the verge of a breakdown. I remembered listening to Therapy for Black Girls a few years prior and thought I would give it a whirl again. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford and her special guests surely got me together with every episode. As I was patiently waiting for the next episode to drop (every Wednesday), I decided to find other podcasts that would be similarly focused. You know, helping black women heal, uplifting women, motivation, empowerment, etc. Some stuck, others did not resonate with me, and some were recommended by friends.

So, these five podcasts have helped me level up with my self-care and understanding that we all experience things. Sharing our experiences breaks the barriers around motherhood that make you think you need to do it solo. Girl, we are all experiencing some of the same difficulties and questioning the same things. Find a mom friend, a podcast, and/or a page to follow that helps you break the unspoken rules so you can rewrite new motherhood rules that amplify your voice, desires, passions, etc.

My Top 5 Podcasts for Moms Right Now

Be Well, Sis: The Podcast- This is surely a treat. Hosted by Dr. Cassandre Dunbar, a wellness advocate and medical doctor. She chats weekly with others in the wellness space to amplify practices to bridge the gap between women and wellness, especially in black and brown communities. Dr. Dunbar speaks with others about topics like self-love, nutrition, therapy, sexual satisfaction, and so much more. She opens each show asking “How are you doing?” This personal touch makes me slow down for a second and think about how I am doing. One of my favorite parts of the show is when she provides the focus of the episode. Typically this involves a word or phrase that Dr. Dunbar defines. I love this because it is a nice way to make sure we are all sharing a common understanding and know exactly what the focus of the show will be. Then she proceeds to discuss the wellness related topic with her special guest. One of my favorite episodes is "Falling in Love With Yourself." In this episode, she shares a few ways to practice self-love. So, if you are looking for a podcast that talks about motherhood, womanhood, and personal growth, this is the podcast you should check out. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays so you can “be well, Sis.”  

AND...Be Well, Sis was recently highlighted by Apple Podcasts in the New and Noteworthy section and by Amazon Music in the Level Up section!! So, you know this podcast is popping!

Swirl and Sip The Podcast Cover

Swirl and Sip: The Podcast – I love me some tea, especially our Mothering Tea blends, but a good glass of wine has never hurt me or anyone else. Sasha and Shara, two good friends, share a new wine each week while discussing all things womanhood, motherhood, adulthood, and anything that falls between them. Sasha and Shara comically share topics and their personal takes on things that challenge you to grow your perspective. Recently they have chatted about racial disparities in black and brown communities in healthcare, maintaining friendships, tips for keeping a steamy sex life with your partner, overcoming childhood trauma, and the list goes on. This podcast will keep you engaged through laughter and moments of “hmmm” where you need a moment to ponder all while sipping the wine of the day.  The Self-Care Isn't Selfish episode is one I recommend you start with. They chat with Treanna Neufville, the Modern Day Makeup Mommy, about how to choose a self-care routine that fits your personality and lifestyle. It is such an empowering episode. You may want to check them out every Wednesday and get your sip on!

Smart Rebellion Podcast Cover

Smart Rebellion Podcast – Crystal Hall will inspire you to change your circumstances with her soothing voice and encouraging spirit. She, too, shares her experiences all while encouraging you to use what you have within to create the life you truly want to live. She shares her experience with anxiety and depression all while helping you restore your faith and doing reflection to move you forward. She provides strategies to help you think different, walk different, and be different. Episode 5:  Show Up! is all about ho you can check in with yourself. She shares so many good tips in this episode. You can find episodes about overcoming self-sabotage, self-love, celebrating yourself, and setting healthy boundaries. You can catch her new episodes each Friday.

 Momfully You Podcast Cover

Momfully You Podcast – With one of the most soothing and welcoming voices, Chasity Holcomb, a mom and licensed therapist shares her experiences with mothering while breaking the barriers we place around ourselves. While chatting, she makes you feel like you are having a conversation with your girlfriend about how you are feeling, mistakes you may have made, and loving yourself through it all. This is the perfect podcast for mothers who are trying to gracefully balance it all while still honoring themselves. With each episode, you will gain practical strategies for self-care. Episode 8:  Three Steps to End the Toxic Relationship Between Self-Care and Guilt. I think we all live with guilt around wanting more and Chasity helps us break this cycle with 3 clear practices.  The Momfully You podcast is a wonderful podcast for mothers to gain practical strategies for incorporating self-care, trusting yourself, reconnecting with yourself after kids, the inner critic, and so much more. You can tune in every Friday to hear how you can honor the whole woman that you are.

Unconditionally Worthy Podcast

Unconditionally Worthy Podcast with Dr. Adia Gooden. Dr. Gooden has just released the trailer to her new podcast and I can not wait to listen weekly. Dr. Gooden is a licensed clinical psychologist who believes we all are worthy simply because we are human. The Unconditionally Worthy Podcast was created to help us all find our inner self-worth. As someone who has struggled with her self-acceptance, she is going to share how she found worth for herself so we can do the same. In addition to conversations about self-worth, Dr. Gooden will also discuss mental health, forgiveness, and building a strong foundation for living a life full of courage. Check out Dr. Gooden's podcast on Tuesday.

 You have to check out these podcasts. All are centered around self-care and honoring yourself in different ways. It is my hope that you too will listen and enjoy. I never really considered listening to podcasts as a form of self-care, but it is. These podcasts build community, help you develop self-awareness, and harness happiness within. All things Mothering Tea stands for.

Now, go steep a cup of tea and get your listen on, but before doing so, let me know your favorite podcast below in the comments.



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