Mother's Day:  The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

Mother's Day: The Ultimate 2021 Gift Guide

When you ask mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, the number one answer is… "Nothing. I just want you to be happy, whole, and healthy.” But when you ask a Mothering Tea mom what she wants, she says, “A whole celebration, relaxation, and a nap.” So, we are here to deliver that!

This Mother’s Day Guide is jammed packed with everything you need to make sure you, your mom, and/or moms you know are shown love and taken care of.

The Celebration:

Go all out this Mother’s Day! Every mom you know has been pushed to the maximum and has responded by making things happen in the best way she knows how. Whether you are having a small gathering at your house or doing a virtual brunch, these ideas will help you navigate through all the ideas and plan something truly special.

Moms Brunch

A good brunch needs an awesome beverage, great food, a beautiful dessert, meaningful discussions, laughter, and of course, bubbly.

 Awesome Beverage

The beverage of the day might be the most important component of the celebration (wink, wink). Our Mommy Bliss: Happiness blend is a hibiscus and lemongrass blend with notes of citrus, honey, and straight happiness. It is seriously joy in a cup. Pairing this Mommy Bliss with pineapple and vodka makes the perfect Mother’s Day brunch drink:  Lemon Bliss. Mommy Bliss can also be paired with a prosecco and adorned with a fresh lemon medallion and mint for added flair. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

 Another option is the Calming Mint: Uplift. This green tea and mint blend is light and fresh. It also pairs well with champagne and most definitely can be served warm with your dessert or appetizer. Both blends (Mommy Bliss and Calming Mint) are featured in the Mother's Day Gift Box Box and Mother's Day Brunch Kit).

Great Food

When hosting brunch you want to have a variety of offerings. To keep it simple, think 3-course meal: appetizer, main course, dessert. When guests start arriving, you want to offer something for them to snack on as they chat. This is a great way to incorporate a charcuterie board with fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts, jams, chocolates, etc. You can make it even more simple by offering mini fruit cups that guests can grab as they start to settle and talk. This quickly takes care of the appetizer, a.k.a. course one.

For the main course, you may want to offer a few options. Since we are keeping it simple, think of each offering as the whole plate/meal. For example, you could offer French toast with fresh fruit, classic chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, or even a breakfast-inspired charcuterie board. Breakfast-inspired charcuterie boards include pancake stacks, waffle stacks, fruit, syrup, a meat option or two, etc. This is a great way to have options without having to do a lot of preparation. Whatever you decided to serve, be sure to serve it on elegant tableware. That might be something plastic or your grandmother’s crystal. It's your preference. 

The final course is dessert. From specialty cakes to iced cookies and other pastries, the options are endless. 

Meaningful Discussions

Brunches are for celebrating and building connections. Connections breed community and community is what you have when friends come together. When girlfriends get together, there will be laughs. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • What is one crazy thing your kid has done recently?
  • What is the funniest movie you have ever seen?
  • If anything could be waiting for you when you get home, what would it be?
  • What is your unpopular opinion?

 For a slightly more serious conversation, consider these prompts:

  • We are all faced with challenges. How do you breathe through things (not breeze through, breathe through)
  • What is something you were taught as a child, but have unlearned because you know it is toxic and damaging?
  • What is one practice that has helped you find emotional harmony?

With these ideas, your mother’s day brunch is sure to be a success. This can occur with you and your closes mom friends and/or family. Whichever way works as long as you are being intentional about connecting with other women.

Relaxation and Napping

According to Google, relaxation is “the state of being free from tension and anxiety." So, how does one do this? As a busy mother, finding time to relax can require you to have to do a bit of scheduling and reaching out for help.

I had the absolute best Mother’s Day last year. My husband and eldest son (10 at the time) asked what I wanted. I said, I just want to sleep and not have to do anything for the entire day. They handled everything and it started with me being clear about what I expected. Me saying, “Nothing” would have lead to me feeling underappreciated and unseen as it would have left a lot of room for ambiguity. My husband could have gone out to purchase a nice handbag, but that would have left me upset and grateful. Upset because I just wanted a moment to breathe and be and grateful because he did put thought and effort into getting something to represent his thankfulness and love. So, to decrease the chances of me getting another lovely handbag, I spoke.

Well, since I was able to speak, I had a very relaxing weekend. To relax, I simply enjoyed a bottle of champagne on my back porch while he and the kids busied about preparing food, playing, etc. After some time on the porch, I had one of the most refreshing naps ever! I slept for like four hours.

Now, you may want to do something different like…

  • Get a massage from a mobile masseuse
  • Do a staycation nearby
  • Chill with a good book by a lake or stream
  • Do a virtual art class
  • Plant a new mini garden
  • Go on a mural tour in your city

No matter what you choose, be sure it is what you choose. With these 3 ideas (celebration, relaxation, and napping), you can touch many of your needs.

  1. You are celebrating others and yourself.
  2. You are giving your body time to unwind and be free of stress.
  3. You are carving out space to completely honor one of your most basic needs: sleep or whatever you choose.

What are you requesting for Mother’s Day this year?

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