Mothering Tea Holiday Guide

Mothering Tea Holiday Guide

The gift moms always want is the gift of time! Time to do something by herself, time to do something fun, time to do something filling, time to do something to get more organized, just more time. So, this holiday season, Mothering Tea is all about helping you give the "Gift of Time."

In the spirit of giving the "Gift of Time", we have pulled together a few women owned businesses that aim to help moms do something nice with a few extra minutes and/or find more time. Check them out and shop.

Gift Guide featuring Banya Board Personalized Charcuterie Board, Resiliency Bloom's 2022 Believe Planner, and Mothering Tea's Just Breathe Gift Box


Banya Board's Personalized Charcuterie Board is the perfect holiday gift. Exuding health and wellness, this gift provides opportunity to create a beautiful edible arrangement of all your favorites. Each board is customized to order and does not disappoint. Shop Banya today for a special Black Friday deal for you and a friend!

Resiliency Bloom offers the thing every mom needs:  ways to find more time and money. Shop the 2022 planner to help prioritize your time and master your money. Get yourself and a friend organized and ready to bloom in 2022. Shop the 2022 Believe Planner now!

Mothering Tea offers a variety of teas that help aid in quick, health filled ways to replenish yourself.  The Just Breathe Gift Box is the gift that keeps giving with each intentional decision to steep a cup of tea. With each cup you hear, see, and validate your own needs. What a gift! Shop the Winter 2022 box today for yourself and a mom you know! 

Stay tuned for more gift ideas that moms will love!

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