How to Cold Brew Tea and Enjoy Year Round

How to Cold Brew Tea and Enjoy Year Round

My birthday was a few months after I delivered my second son and my family planned a day of relaxation for me. I remember it like it was yesterday. I excitedly drove to the spa, thinking of the last time I had received a massage and facial. As I stepped into the spa, an immediate sense of calm took over my body. There was soft music, dim lights, sounds of water, and guess what? Tea! 

It did not dawn on me then, but the spa had perfectly used various elements to help aid in my relaxation. There were trickles of water, a plush robe, magical hands, green tea, and the entire ambiance swept me away.  

In my years of going to spas, I do not remember receiving tea prior to the 2018 spa trip! The tea had been chilled and had a very mild taste. There was no sweetener in it. So, I got the full benefits of it. Thinking back on this experience brings happiness, peace, and wonder. 

If you pause for a second and think of the most relaxing places. I am pretty sure you are going to say at least one of these:  in nature, around water, or at a spa. And guess what can be enjoyed in all three?

You guessed it! TEA!

Tea is the perfect drink to consume anytime and anywhere. As the weather warms, drinking chilled tea becomes more of a go-to beverage. So, whether you are eating breakfast, having a dessert, or finishing an empowering workout, tea can be your choice to quench your thirst.

But not many people want to drink warm tea after a challenging workout nor do they want to make the tea and wait for it to chill. So, let’s discuss how to cold brew tea.

Cold brewing is very simple. You only need five things:  loose leaf tea, water, a strainer, a 32-ounce glass container with a lid, and a large pitcher (9-10 cups/72-80 ounces). 


When you are in a rush, making loose leaf tea can be a hassle, but cold brew is the perfect solution. It takes a bit more time, but you do not have to completely stop what you are doing to ensure the water is at the appropriate temperature. This is where the most difficulty comes into play (unless you have a kettle with a thermometer or a food thermometer) when making warm tea. Instead of the tea needing to be steeped at optimal temperatures, the only thing you will have to focus on is the amount of time. For white and green tea, you want those to steep for shorter periods of time than black or herbal-based tea. Check the chart below to determine how long the tea should remain in the water before straining. 

How Long to Cold Brew Tea


Simply put, the type of water you use when making cold brew tea is a personal preference. You can use spring, filtered, or tap. I wouldn’t use distilled, but you can because it’s a personal preference. You want to use approximately 4 cups of cool or room temperature water. Using hot water is not necessary since it is cold brew and you will immediately place it into the refrigerator.

Glass Container with Lid 

I prefer to make cold brew tea in a glass container that holds 4 cups of water. Sometimes, I reduce the amount of tea if I am using a 24-ounce mason jar. I also recommend using a container with a lid. I found a cute glass kettle on Amazon and this is exactly what I use most of the time. It has a lid, infuser, and it’s glass. 


If you are using a kettle with built-in infuser, you will not need a sieve or strainer because the infuser will hold all the tea for you. If you do not have an infuser large enough to hold all the tea leaves without squishing them into the holder, just dump the leaves in the water. When the tea has steeped for the requisite amount of time, simply use a sieve or strainer to collect the tea leaves as you pour it into a large pitcher. 


You will need a large pitcher to hold all the tea. Initially, you will make a tea concentrate and add four to five cups of water to dilute the concentrate. Hence the need for a large pitcher.

 How to Cold Brew Tea:  It Is Super Simple
Two Quick Reminders:  Check the chart to see how long the tea will steep in the refrigerator and set an alarm on your phone and smart home device.
How to Cold Brew Green Tea

Any tea can be enjoyed using the cold brew method. Just make sure you pay attention to the steeping time. 

Benefits of Drinking Cold Brew:

The benefits of drinking tea are endless. Below are just a few to keep in mind. And remember, trying tea with no sweetener helps maintain the health benefits. Adding sweetener, may cause a few of the benefits to decrease. Lastly, this information is for information purposes only. Please do not use this information to replace medical advice and always speak with your physician when thinking of adding to or taking away from your wellness plan. 

White Tea is a lesser-known tea in mainstream media but is packed with benefits. According to Well and Good, white tea helps with cognitive health, reduces inflammation, and “helps the body release carbohydrates and proteins which helps improve bone health.”

Green Tea is a perfect selection for an after-work-out beverage. GQ published an article stating green tea is “more than just a fat-burning, caffeinated pick-me-up. [It] contains powerful antioxidants that help metabolize fat and fight exercise-induced free radicals that would otherwise cause inflammation and muscle soreness.” So, this might be an excellent choice for those who enjoy a good workout and want to drink something with added benefits afterward. 

Black Tea has more caffeine than green and white tea and is known to boost energy. In Health’s article, Which Teas are Healthiest, it is said that black tea is good for your heart and may help reduce cholesterol levels.”  

Herbal Tea/Tisanes are not made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Instead, herbal teas are made from herbs, buds, flowers, spices, and fruits. The benefits of herbal teas vary by ingredient. Mothering Tea’s Mommy Bliss is a hibiscus-based tisane. Hibiscus has numerous benefits. Byrdie published an article indicating that hibiscus tea is full of antioxidants, may lower cholesterol, may lower blood pressure levels, and boosts the immune system. 

Making cold brew tea is simple and refreshing. Keeping the tea in the refrigerator and sipping it throughout the day or a certain times just gives you another healthy option to have on hand. Also, making cold brew tea is perfect when hosting a COVID-safe brunch party or when making it to share with your family. Just imagine the kids coming in after an hour of outdoor play and grabbing chilled tea. Less sugar, no artificial flavors, and lots of benefits. I'd say, that is a win, win!

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Tea is one of my favorite drinks. I usually have a hot cup in the morning, even in the summer. I do cold brew as well and this is a great post on how to do it well. Thank you!


I love making cold brewed tea during the summer. It’s one of my favorite drinks!

Cindy Mom the Lunch Lady

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