• Mom sitting on couch with her head in her hands while kids run around. The photo says, "Moms feel it and they don't always say..."

Join a mom community that encourages moms to breathe and be with a cup (or glass) of tea.


Feeling lonely, underappreciated, and guilty of not doing enough are common unspoken feelings of motherhood, but it doesn't have to feel so isolating. You can always have a sip with us.

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"When I received my gift box I was so excited and knew I had done something nice for myself. I enjoyed the experience so much I had to order more. Receiving the gift box really got me thinking about how I can do something as simple as enjoy tea as a way to focus on me. So thankful."

Tonya S.

So, I knew that my day at work was going to be full of back to back meetings with no time for breaks (or cursing). So, I picked up my laptop and was like "screw this" and walked to fix my Mothering Tea in my Just Breathe cup. I immediately was able to re-set, calm down, and decrease the level of overwhelm.

A. Jones