• Happy African American mom with curly shoulder length hair. Photo says, "we all deserve this type of peace."

Just Breathe Experience

Looking for something for someone special? Our Just Breathe Experience is the perfect gift. We settle through breathwork, mix up a delicious mocktail, connect through storytelling, and elevate our own voices. It's the perfect gift.

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"When I received my gift box I was so excited and knew I had done something nice for myself. I enjoyed the experience so much I had to order more. Receiving the gift box really got me thinking about how I can do something as simple as enjoy tea as a way to focus on me. So thankful."

Tonya S.

So, I knew that my day at work was going to be full of back to back meetings with no time for breaks (or cursing). So, I picked up my laptop and was like "screw this" and walked to fix my Mothering Tea in my Just Breathe cup. I immediately was able to re-set, calm down, and decrease the level of overwhelm.

A. Jones

Do you feel like you have to do it all? Do you push your wellness to the back burner because you don't have time? Do you feel like no one gets it or sees all that you're doing?

Join me on Instagram Live each Wednesday night at 9:30 (after the kids are in bed) for a real chat about what really happens along the motherhood/womanhood journey.


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All the pressure and stress moms face can lead to frustration, overwhelm, and burnout. Burnout impacts all facets of life (relationships, productivity, mood, and overall wellness). That's why we created the Just Breathe Experience.


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